Rodel CEO goes to the Amazon

Well I have just returned from the most amazing fishing trip to the Amazon with 3 friends. We flew to Brazil and then into the Bolivian Amazon via the capital of Bolivia, Santa Cruz. From Santa Cruz we flew by light aircraft for 2 hours over green rain forest with almost no sign of human habitation. We were soon to find out the reason for the lack of people!
We landed on a tiny grass air strip cut into the jungle. From there we were ferried up river by local Indians (the tribe is only 120 people) in dug outs. We then had to negotiate a 7km road through the forest which was without doubt the scariest road I have ever been on. After slipping and sliding all over the place and having an altercation with a huge forest cobra we arrived at our destination, a riverside lodge. Heaven knows how they got that 4×4 into that place but I assume it has to have been transported by water.
The jungle is hot and humid (in the middle of winter). Insects, snakes and caiman are everywhere. Make no mistake, this place is not for sissies! The lodge was very comfortable and we were well looked after by our Argentinean hosts who only open the lodge in winter. The bird life is incredible and the parrots absolutely beautiful. We also saw plenty of jaguar and tapir tracks but never saw either in the flesh.
We spent the next 8 days fishing for a fish called a golden dorado. These spectacular game fish were migrating up stream after the spawning sabelo, the local bait fish. The fishing was quite frankly out of this world. We only fly fished with 9 weight rods and successfully released every fish caught. Successful that is for the fish and not for me, because I eventually got bitten quite badly on the thumb by one of them and will bear the scar for life! The dorado get up to about 50 pounds and we caught many between 20 and 30 pounds. They fight ferociously, jump plenty and have very formidable teeth! We all doubt that we will ever have a fishing experience like that again in our lives!
It took 3 days getting home (weep). The trip involves dug outs, 4×4’s, light aircraft, taxis and then jets between Santa Cruz, Sao Paulo, Jhb and Durban. Also not for sissies! I will certainly chalk this one down as one of the most exciting, exotic experiences of my life!