In blessing others we are blessed

Rodel supports two main charity’s, namely The Sunflower Fund and The Robinhood Foundation. I am so lucky that part of my job includes doing volunteer work for these two very special organisations.
On Friday 4th October, The Robinhood Foundation, along with over 20 volunteers visited Enthembeni School in Valley of 1000 Hills. This school caters for over 250 special needs children, who are very seldom spoilt. Every day is a battle for most of these kids – who’s disabilities range from being deaf/blind to fully disabled.
This is the third year we have hosted a “Celebration of Life” party at the school. I still cry as I arrive and then all the way home. When seeing the children’s faces light up with delight when we arrive can only make one realise how privileged we are! Most of us have so much more going for us, yet don’t love life like these children do.
On my first visit three years ago, one little girl asked me for one favour before I left – she asked me to cuddle her. Every year we find each other in the crowds and my goodness does she give the best hug ever. She is wheelchair bound and quite severely disabled but her smile and enthusiasm overflows and touches everybody she meets.
Every year I am more blown away by these young people who have so little going for them, yet they have so much determination, love to share and happiness to spread around.
After being spoilt by a magic show, the children were served Pizza and could then eat freshly made popcorn and candy floss, dance to the DJ’s vibes, or have their faces painted. For those more able-bodied kids there were pony rides outside, a mini train, rolling balls, jumping castles and a bike track with specially designed bikes. The day was topped off with each and every child been given a full goodie bag of every day essentials and many treats. Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors, even every teacher and volunteer got a special bag of food essentials and nice goodies.
The Robinhood Foundation works on the philosophy of “taking from the rich to give to the poor”. How ironic that in being at events like this, I feel I have been enriched and blessed?
If you would like to know more about it – click here to go to The Robinhood Foundation website, or visit them on Facebook.

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