Give Her Credit: the credit card journey for women

How often do you “swipe”? It’s most likely very often or even daily. And you probably do it without batting an eyelid. But women and credit cards have a complex history, considering they weren’t always able to swipe as they pleased. Not so long ago, that was the way of the world. Before 1974, when …

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Corona virus - what to expect after lockdown

What to expect after lockdown

As we’re still enduring lockdown, one cannot avoid thinking about South Africa’s exit strategy in the next few months. Although the lockdown period has temporarily supressed the transmission of Covid-19 amongst South Africans, it certainly won’t eliminate it. If we just continue our lives as we did before, we will have undergone the lockdown for …

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The workplace in 2020

The workplace in 2020

With 2020 already upon us, the workplace is continuously evolving with the hope of providing a more satisfying environment for employees. When it comes to factors that enhance employee performance and productivity, workplace environment tips the scale. Here are 5 key trends that will change the workplace in 2020: Gen-z entering the workplace According to …

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