Social Responsibility

African wildlife vets
African Wildlife Vets is a non-profit organisation that provides essential supplementary veterinary support to protected wildlife areas. We are proud to play a small part in reaching this objective.
Robin Hood Foundation
This non-profit charity organisation relies solely on the generosity of local business and individuals. The RHF assists the poorest of the poor through various outreach initiatives.

Meet Nemo

We believe education is the number one solution to the challenges we face in South Africa. We feel honoured to be able to play a part in Nemo’s life and facilitating her education.

Nemo is a young girl from Kwazulu-Natal and we are partnering with her family to ensure she enjoys quality education to allow her the best opportunity to create the future she wants for herself. Nemo is a bright, kind girl and an avid reader. We have all been challenged at Rodel to start reading again by the example she has set. We are looking forward to the journey ahead with her.

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