Commercial Bridging Finance

Commercial Bridging Finance Apply Now

Whether you’re buying or selling a business or commercial property, delays resulting from the property transfer process can lead to cash flow issues. Rodel provides tailormade short-term finance solutions for your business.

1. Advance on broker commission due

2. Advance on seller’s equity

• Property seller sells building and needs to access the equity in the sale which is only payable on registration.
• Sale & Leaseback scenarios are good examples of urgent cash flow required by the property seller.

3. Property-backed finance (6 months)

Lead referral commission

• Rodel will pay 10% of the revenue earned on a deal to lead providers.
• Payable monthly once the deal is repaid.
• No work required for the lead provider other than sending Rodel the name and contact details.


When can Rodel advance?

Once the purchase price is secure and the sale and bond conditions have been met.

How much can Rodel advance?

85% of commission due to you.

How much does it cost?

0.150% per day for first 120 days, thereafter 0.049% per day.
R100,000 for 30 days would cost R4,500.

How do I service the advance?
There is no servicing. The attorney will repay Rodel directly in full upon registration, out of the surplus.



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