Commercial Bridging Finance

Whether you’re buying or selling a business or commercial property, delays resulting from the property transfer process can lead to cash flow issues. Rodel provides tailormade short-term financial solutions for your business.

1. Advance on broker commission due

2. Advance on seller’s equity

• Property seller sells building and needs to access the equity in the sale which is only payable on registration.
• Sale & Leaseback scenarios are good examples of urgent cash flow required by the property seller.

3. Property-backed finance (6 months)

• Applicable for asset rich clients with short term liquidity needs
• Short term loan 6 months) secured by unencumbered assets (typically unbonded property)
• A clear exit strategy is required at the time the application is being assessed.

Lead referral commission

• Rodel will pay 10% of the revenue earned on a deal to lead providers.
• Payable monthly once the deal is repaid.
• No work required for the lead provider other than sending Rodel the name and contact details.

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