I often remind myself, and my staff, of how impossible is it to achieve our goals if we don’t have a clear idea if what those goals are. And of course, the New Year, and all that talk of resolutions, is a great time to give this matter some thought.
As a business it’s actually something that I feel should be taken very seriously. At Rodel, the management team spend a considerable amount of time at the beginning of each year – and during the year – looking at our business, refocusing our goals, refining processes with the business that affect our goal achievement and making new resolutions in order to achieve what we agree that we need to achieve.
And this is a process that I believe every business and every individual can benefit from. Statistics say that only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are achieved. Well, that’s a great statistic to beat and a brilliant goal to start with. Make sure that you and your business are part of that 8% in 2015!
But of course before you set about achieving your goals, it’s important to define them. And that starts, I think, with looking back at last year and thinking about all those things that you did achieve in 2014. They may not have been the goals that you set out to reach at the start of the year, but you’ll be surprised when you realise how many things you did achieve. Well done!
And now for 2015.

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