Enjoy doing business!

It often occurs to me that people make business so unnecessarily difficult for themselves by exhibiting a negative attitude. In the vast majority of cases, people do business with people whom they like or identify with. It is so easy to be nice!
Simply by taking an interest in your clients, asking them questions about themselves, finding out what makes their lives easier or more difficult and you will be amazed at how well they respond. After all, the majority of businesses rely on relationships in one form or another and if you can achieve a level of relationship which encompasses trust, friendship and even mutual dependency, it is highly unlikely that that level of relationship will be usurped.
In my business, we are often called upon to do favours or just move slightly outside of our business model to accommodate an unusual situation. I have done my best to cultivate a culture in my business of going the extra mile and doing favours where possible. It is amazing the reservoir of goodwill you create if you and your staff approach clients with this attitude. It is so easy to do and has a disproportionately positive knock-on effect to the business’s profit.
Conversely, a refusal to be flexible and respond creatively to unusual situations inevitably leads to resentment, irritation and you quite simply lose the client for future deals.
In short, people gravitate towards doing business with people they like. If every player in an organisation does their bit, the sphere of influence of your business multiplies exponentially.

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