It’s time to Rodel it!

The health of the bridging finance industry is generally aligned to that of the property industry. The last few years have seen flat trading conditions with a few minor peaks and troughs. There are signs however that trading in the property sector is gaining momentum which will positively affect us. There are a few distinguishing factors between us and the health of the property industry; factors such as interest rate hikes and banks cutting back on money lending actually enhance the demand for bridging finance. At Rodel, we have had a positive start to the year and we are forecasting a record year.
So what does this mean for home owners around South Africa?
The banks have cautioned that household expenditure will be under pressure during the first half of 2014 and that there may be changes to banks’ appetite for risk. In any supply and demand environment, we can expect to see a marginal improvement in house price growth, albeit single digits.
In layman’s terms this means that you may need to place a larger deposit on that dream home you want to buy.
Rodel can ease the stress that comes along with buying and selling property; for example:
You’ve sold your house and have signed for that new home. Problem is you’ve only saved enough for a 10% deposit. The bank wants a 20% deposit. There’s another buyer for your dream home waiting in the wings and you need to come up with the finance quick smart!
Hold on a minute though; you’ve sold your house and a wad of money is coming your way BUT you have to wait until your sale eventually registers in the deeds office.
This is the moment you need to call the Rodel Team. We are waiting for your call.
Rodel will assist in bridging the profit from the sale of your house so that you are able to secure your new dream home, with a larger deposit (and your couch will be where it rightfully belongs, in your new lounge).
Rodel are able to assist with up to 80% of the proceeds from your sale!
So although there are a few financial cautionaries for us this year, it does not mean that you will lose your dream home simply because of timing.
Go on; give us a call today and Rodel It!

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