How To Get A Bond When You’re Self-Employed

You’ve set your sights on a beautiful new home and you have a good relationship with your bank, so you assume it should be easy to obtain a bond. But it then dawns on you that you’re self-employed. Being your own boss doesn’t necessarily mean you must abandon the idea …

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man drilling in his house with his dog next to him

The House Flipping Trend

With Spring upon us, temperatures are rising, flowers are flourishing and you’ve most likely scheduled in (or at least planned to schedule) a much needed spring clean or home makeover. I’m sure you’ve all heard about property flipping. A trend which comes in and out of season. One finds a …

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It’s your money, why wait?

So, you’ve sold your house and signed on the dotted line to buy a new property! You have a few small problems standing between you and your dream home though… You’ve only saved enough for a 10% deposit, and the bank wants 20% You also need to pay transfer duties …

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