Service excellence in real estate

As in many other sectors, service excellence makes a huge difference in the real estate industry and is taken very seriously indeed amongst the professionals who are serious about the business. In fact, I think that almost all the property professionals with whom Rodel associates pride themselves on service excellence.

On this subject, I have to admit that I often hear the man in the street question the need for an agent and suggest they can do it all for themselves. While this may work with a simple holiday rental, I think that if one’s property is of any value (and which property isn’t?) the services of a knowledgeable professional go a long way towards servicing, protecting and safeguarding buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants alike.

Below are some thoughts on the matter that I’d like to share from Dina Soukop, CEO Soukop Property Group.

“Whether one is buying, selling or renting, a professional and knowledgeable agent should be able to offer, amongst other things, a database of portfolios, market-related valuation, the ability to negotiate, time to follow up with clients, a tailored sale or rental agreement, knowledge about property legislation, the consumer protection act, the FICA act, the rental act, sectional title rules, rates and levies as well as knowledge about encroachments, tanks, servitudes and boreholes.

While, when attending to sale, an agent’s overall aim is to get the best price for a property in the quickest possible time with the least inconvenience caused, this needs to be linked to a comprehensive marketing strategy and include:

  • presenting the seller with a thorough comparative market analysis on the property and others in the area
  • preparing a detailed portfolio of the property, including facts, figures and photographs and listing these on local and international sites
  • erecting boards, preparing and planning advertising and editorial campaigns in relevant newspapers and media, and organizing open days and show houses
  • qualifying potential purchasers and assisting them with finance matters
  • arranging after-sale service, liaising with the attorneys and keeping all parties informed of the progress of a sale
  • instructing and attending to necessary certificates – electrical, fumigation, gas etc.”

Quite a lot of specific knowledge needed and not as simple as it may seem!