6 Perks of Selling During The Silly Season

Typically, the warmer months mean that the property market is at its most active, starting around October and slowing around February.

However, market momentum temporarily slows during the Christmas and New Year period, before picking up again once the festive season is over. This is because many buyers become immersed in celebrations and Summer holidays, and many agents also take the opportunity for a well-earned break.

But just because the market is quieter through this period, don’t assume it has stopped altogether.

Selling during the festive season

If you’re keen to be selling a property over the coming weeks, don’t worry. There are some distinct advantages to selling during this period.

 1. More Time To View Homes

Most buyers have more time to inspect show homes at this time of year.

With most workplaces slowing down through the second half of December, arranging to view properties is a lot easier and less hurried.  

2. Favourable Timing

The spring months are typically busy for the real estate market, and so many people who have sold their home during this period will soon need to vacate their sold property. This puts them under great pressure to find a new home as they will want to avoid a prolonged period living in their home and paying occupancy rent or finding rental accommodation.

Secondly, people are generally more motivated to get things completed at this time of year – just ask anyone about their workload before Christmas. The odds are he or she is in high demand to complete jobs prior to Christmas because that’s the client’s deadline, when all the family are turning up.

3. Less Stock in the Market

Selling during a quieter time gives you the advantage of facing less competition from similar properties. Over the Christmas and New Year period, actively searching buyers will have less stock to choose from, ensuring that your property stands out.

4. New Year’s Resolutions

This is a time when people reflect on their lives and plan to make changes for the year ahead. Making a commitment to significant life changes may involve moving to a new abode. For example, people may decide to get married and start a family over the year ahead. Or they may decide that it is the right time to downsize. Such life-changing decisions inevitably require some change in a person’s living arrangements.

Christmas letter board and festive decor

These changes result in more motivated buyers at this time of year. For these people, making the decision to buy a new home is a crucial first step in realising the rest of the changes they wish to see happen in their lives.

5. End of Rental Leases

This time of year is particularly busy in the rental market.

With many leases coming to an end, tenants may be considering their next steps. For some, the time will now be right to make the transition to owning a home. With interest rates low, and reduced house prices in the past year, home ownership is now more affordable for first-home buyers.

Now is the ideal time to position your property to this demographic of potential buyers.

6. Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Playing on buyer emotions during this time of year is essential. What better time to pull at their heart-strings than during the Christmas season?

Woman setting Christmas table

By decorating your home in a way that showcases the possibility of quality family get-togethers, you’ll be able to emotionally engage buyers in a more powerful way than at any other time of year.

Start with a nicely decorated tree, with packaged gift boxes surrounding it on the floor. Set the dining table with festive crockery and Christmas crackers. Don’t forget the outdoor spaces – an attractively laid outdoor table will highlight how the garden can be used for entertaining. Prospective buyers will be able to easily envision how their families could inhabit the house and make it their own.