6 Important Things Home Seller’s Often Forget

You’ve decided to sell your home, but before putting it on the market, there are numerous things on your to-do list. With costly tasks like painting your entire home, repairing your damaged driveway, eradicating wood borra and organizing a reputable agent, it’s no surprise that some items will fall between the cracks.

check your estate agents references

Here are 6 vital things which people often forget to do before embarking on their selling venture:

1. Check your estate agent’s references

When it comes to finding an agent, you need to be sure that they have a solid track record. Choosing someone with little or no experience can delay the process which will inevitably cost you more money.

Do they have a valid FFC (Fidelity Fund Certificate) and no complaints filed against them? Try to source your agent from a well-known agency and get in touch with a few of their references directly. Consider asking yourself the following questions to decide if they were suitable after meeting them:

  • Did you have confidence in the agent?
  • Do you think they have adequate knowledge of the local market?
  • Do you think they have the ability to negotiate well on your behalf?

2. Google your address

Browsing the internet to find out what’s being said about their area is not something all sellers do. But they should. A considerable amount of buyers search online during their quest to find a home, so you need to ensure your property search results give potential buyers an accurate reflection.

Pay attention to things like the site’s estimated value versus your asking price. You should also acknowledge that improvements recently made on your home will not be shown on Google Maps’ street view, so you’ll need to include these updates in your listing.

Woman on laptop at home3. Make social media marketing mandatory

Staging your home well, accompanied by a competitive asking price on your listing simply isn’t enough. You need to advertise your home on social media. Things like video tours, floor plans, and photo galleries promoted on Facebook and Instagram can get a much broader reach.

Ensure that your agent is utilizing as many platforms available to attract the right buyer for your home.

4. Make sure the doorbell works

While some may consider this a petty item, a broken intercom or doorbell can affect the buyer’s first impression of your home. It may lead them to assume that other things in the house are broken. It’s these “petty” repairs that could cost you your home sale.

Remember that a well-kept home, starting with the initial view of the front of the property gives the perception that you have great pride in your home and have taken good care of it. This ultimately translates into less work and costs for the buyer as they prepare to move in.

5. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before

Storage space has become a major pull factor for potential buyers. So don’t be alarmed when buyers rummage in closets, drawers and kitchen cupboards.

Adopt an observer stance and inspect every area of your home to ensure that all stains, dust, crumbs, and bugs (if any) are cleaned out from within the small spaces too.

6. Point out which items are not included

You don’t want a buyer who has their heart set on your home because of those state of the art light pendants, to revoke their offer when they find out these features aren’t for sale.

When it comes to fixtures and fittings, the general rule is that when a buyer purchases a property, they receive the land, the permanent physical improvements, along with all items that are permanently attached to the buildings that are erected on the land. Fixtures typically transfer to the buyer with the property unless they have been excluded from the sale agreement.

Be sure to list the items you wish to take with you as the house goes on the market, as this can result in unpleasant surprises and even heated disagreements.