The workplace in 2020

With 2020 already upon us, the workplace is continuously evolving with the hope of providing a more satisfying environment for employees. When it comes to factors that enhance employee performance and productivity, workplace environment tips the scale. Here are 5 key trends that will change the workplace in 2020:

The workplace in 2020

Gen-z entering the workplace

According to a, it’s predicted that by 2020, Gen Z (Born between 1997 and early 2010) will account for up to 36% of the global workforce. With a third of the South African population under the age of 21, this means a substantial portion of our workforce will comprise of the gen-z category. 

This is the first generation born into a fully technological environment – a world of being connected, being digital, and having mobile phones or tablets as a necessity. They will therefore disregard today’s hierarchy and be able to work independently and need a progressive and flexible environment.

Artificial Intelligence

With ever-growing digital developments, many are concerned about robots taking their jobs, but what if AI could enhance the employee experience? That’s precisely the trend we expect to see in 2020. Collaboration with AI is going to be huge going forward. It is paramount that the human experience dictates the function of artificial intelligence and uses it to improve workflow and increase efficiency for businesses.

Environmental Consciousness

Businesses are now making an impact when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint. When managing large groups of people, or even small groups, managers can dictate human behaviour, to some extent. Simple actions such as promoting recycling, lift clubs, and other eco-friendly activities can make a difference.

Training Resources

One of the best ways to enhance everyone’s skillset and morale is through quality training. There are so many engaging training resources available in this digital age that enable employees to thrive and go at their own pace. As we know, not everyone learns the same way, which makes personalized training resources an intriguing trend in 2020. If businesses can harness the performance of once marginalised learning styles, they can tap into a market inefficiency.

Focus On Team Development

Although human resources departments have traditionally focused on individual employees, by 2020, the expansion of teams that can work cohesively will become the highest priority for most businesses.

The intention will be to educate people about how to effectively collaborate with their team members and learn to contribute to projects by making group contributions instead of individual contributions.