Deal breakers for potential buyers

When it comes to house hunting, things aren’t always what they seem. You’ve more than likely gone to a house viewing with the intention of getting one step closer to finding your dream home or at least get a better idea of where you want to live. What you didn’t expect to find were enough stairs to work up a sweat and a garden so steep, that any attempt at maintaining the grass requires a safety harness.

Deal breakers for potential buyers

Andrew Church, CEO of Rodel Finance notes: “If you’re planning to sell your property, it’s always a good idea to consider a few factors in and around your home that could deter potential buyers. More importantly, these deterrents need to be considered when searching for your new home.”

Noisy freeways

“Unfortunately, living close to a busy road or freeway can be a deterrent for prospective buyers,” according to Trish Hatch of Wakefields, Westville. While some may not mind the ongoing noise, others prefer a peaceful abode where they can kick back and relax in.

Open plots of land and untidy neighbours

For those that are house pride, an untidy street, with unkempt or unfinished neighbouring gardens and verges can be a major issue. Adding to this, open plots of land and bushes can be a safety concern.

That old kitchen and bathroom…

“Dated kitchens and bathrooms are often off-putting as upgrading them is a costly exercise,” says Trish. Today, people steer towards kitchens that are more open plan and modern. When it comes to bathrooms, modern fittings and built in showers are always preferred.


Our lives are busy, meaning we want ease of access to our home. Having too many stairs is often seen as a burden that only adds more time and effort to your day. Adding to this, pensioners or those who battle with mobility will undoubtedly avoid buying your home.

Steep gardens

“People look for child-friendly areas to ensure their children and animals can play safely outdoors,” adds Trish. “A steep garden can be a safety concern and also very difficult to maintain.”

Poor state of repairs

There is nothing worse than being greeted by unsightly things like wall dampness, ceiling stains or rotting floorboards.

While there are big and small deal breakers for buyers, both are important. For the things you cannot change, focus on improving your indoor and outdoor space, re-painting using some modern shades, polishing your floors and updating or repairing things such as lighting and plumbing.

“You have one chance to make a first impression with the prospective buyers viewing your home, and rather than sorting out issues raised by the buyers after their viewing, sort out minor issues before your home goes on the market,” concludes Andrew.