• ABF or Asset-backed Finance is yet another trusted solution on offer by us. How do you know if this is the correct solution for you? We’ve unpacked ABF into plain English. In generic terms asset-backed finance is self-explanatory; a loan that is secured by ceding an asset. A Home Loan Read More
  • It makes my day knowing that we have assisted someone in need or have played a vital role in a client realising their dreams. There is never a day that goes by that Rodel does not step in where a client thinks all has been lost. I would like to Read More
  • It’s no secret that at Rodel we have a soft spot for worthy causes. One such cause is The Robinhood Foundation’s ‘Climbing for Classrooms’ initiative. “With our ‘Climbing for Classrooms’ campaign, our vision is to create sustainable development which will provide lasting change in the community. Why? Because if we Read More

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