• Every so often, in business, we’re lucky enough to have individuals who are super-engaged, highly effective, immensely responsible, self-aware, full of initiative, and motivated. Even one such staff member is an MD’s dream! Now what about having an entire workforce like that? Recently I’ve spent quite a bit of time Read More
  • “If it isn’t broken, consider breaking it!” A challenging suggestion for businesses that are enjoying a margin of success, and one that I must say I like. Why? Because very often when a business is performing well, the silent killer, complacency, drops in. In fact complacency almost always grows from Read More
  • In a world where I’m involved in frequent negotiation I was very interested to gather some great advice recently. And pleased to remember that one is never too old to learn! Some associates of mine were discussing the ins and outs of a potential business partnership and mentioned that they Read More

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