Agent Commission Finance

If you have sold a property for a property owner and are due commission on registration, Rodel can advance a portion of your commission upfront. This service is available to residential agents and commercial brokers.


How do I apply and how long does it take?

Complete the enquiry form
One of our friendly consultants will contact you to assist you with submitting your application.

Rodel’s credit department will quickly assess the deal and once we have an undertaking from the transferring attorney will be ready for payment. We strive to pay within 24 hours of receiving the application and sale agreement and achieve this in the majority of cases.
The key criteria are purchase price secure and suspensive conditions met.
If you need any assistance completing the form please contact us on 031 303 7722 or


How much does it cost?

The cost is 0.150% per day, which amounts to R1.50 per R1,000 per day.
Rodel does not charge any administrative or penalty fees, but the minimum total cost will be R250. Should the term of the funding extend beyond 120 days, the daily fee will reduce to 0.049% per day or R0.49 per R1,000 per day from day 121 onwards.


How much can I apply for?

There is no transaction too large or too small.
You could access up to 85% of the money due to you.
So if the commission due to you is R50,000 (excl. VAT), you could access 85% of the R50,000 or R42,500


To find out how Rodel can help, watch our video.


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