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Bridging finance is a short term finance solution that requires speed and flexibility to be successful. We are fanatical about client service and 80% of our deals are paid within 24 hours.
Property seller finance

Property seller finance

If you have sold your property and have money due to you on registration, Rodel could advance a portion of this money upfront. Read more...


Agent or broker finance

Agent or broker finance

If you have sold a property for a property owner and are due commission on registration, Rodel could advance a portion of your commission upfront. Read more...


Bond applicant finance

Bond applicant finance

If you own a property and have been granted a new, further or switch bond and need to access a portion of the funds quickly, Rodel could advance a portion before registration . Read more...


Property-backed finance

Property-backed finance

A short term loan (6 months), secured by unencumbered assets (typically property). No monthly repayments required because interest and capital is repaid together at the end of the 6 months. Read more...

Our Story

Our Story

Rodel has been in the bridging finance industry since 2000 and we still love what we do. We strive each day to create innovative solutions to help our clients’ access their money locked in a property deal. After more than 95,000 transactions we have learned the hard way that success is a marathon not a sprint, and only achieved through consistently doing your best each day.

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  • The House Flipping Trend

    With Spring upon us, temperatures are rising, flowers are flourishing and you’ve most likely scheduled in (or at least planned to schedule) a much needed spring clean or home makeover. I’m sure you’ve all heard about property flipping. A trend which comes in and out of season. One finds a well-priced home for sale, puts […]

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    It’s your money, why wait?

    So, you’ve sold your house and signed on the dotted line to buy a new property! You have a few small problems standing between you and your dream home though… You’ve only saved enough for a 10% deposit, and the bank wants 20% You also need to pay transfer duties and conveyancing fees before the […]

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  • Pillow talk

    While “Early to bed and early to rise” was the stuff of many a childhood lesson, just how “healthy, wealthy and wise” it could make one, was often glossed over. Throughout history though famous nappers have included Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and John F. Kennedy. Bill Clinton, famous for just […]

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    Something for Nothing

    Frequently these days I am approached by people wanting help with finding employment. Sometimes it’s people wanting to change the course of their careers and hoping I can point them toward a few good contacts or offer some advice. Sometimes it’s people who’ve lost jobs, been retrenched or are being forced to change for some […]

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  • New Paths

    In 1987, after a visit to the MIT Media Lab, Stewart Brand famously observed, “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” Brand’s research and resulting book examined amongst other of the Lab’s projects, personalized newspapers, life-sized holograms and telephones that chat with callers, […]

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    The quieter spell in January always has me thinking laterally about the year ahead and putting plans in place for projects down the line. One thing I’m very grateful about is that when I’m not travelling countrywide my commute to work takes no more than two minutes, reducing stress in my life, freeing up time […]

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  • Paying Per Day

    I’m always a big fan of buy-to-let opportunities and the steady, reliable source of silent income they can produce. There are of course some parts of the country and some times of year when this gets even more exciting and property owners can ditch monthly rentals in favour of renting out their properties per day. […]

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    Go where the Banks Go

    I always find it interesting to talk to people involved in real estate and enjoy the fact that the more views one gets from different perspectives within the profession, the more holistic ones understanding of the market becomes. Almost every week I travel nationwide, and recently I was in Braamfontein chatting to agents from a […]

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